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Alan Jones

DATE : July 24, 2021
Timing : 13:00 - 14:00
Why Mindset is Everything

Hi, my name is Alan I am a Mind Coach, Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Mentor and Therapist.

I can divide my career into three major eras.

Early Career: Teaching in South East London and Cornwall. Project leader of Interface IT Project and Tutor with Network Interaction.

Later Work: Educational Consultant, Trainer and Course Leader. Developer of numerous projects in Cornwall, including Anti-Bullying, Teenage Pregnancy and Drug Awareness programmes.

Current Work: Independent Trainer and Consultant working with Community Projects, School for Social Entrepreneurs, SME’s and Multinational Companies.

I also have another life, however, as a performing mentalist (mind reader).

If you stop and think about it the Mind, Thinking and Human Behaviour is a common thread running throughout.

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